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The Morgan 3 Wheeler is a rebellion against sanitised, modern motoring. The latest version retains the unique and celebrated driving experience that made the original an icon, yet reimagines the technology that underpins it, updating the model to be relevant for the 21st Century. The Morgan 3 Wheeler represents ‘no frills all thrills’ motoring with attitude and character. By modern day comparison, the Morgan 3 Wheeler would not be a first choice for long distance travel, yet it exudes a remarkable sense of adventure that compels owners to regularly embark on road trips across countries and even continents.

“A symbol of individuality in an era of mass-production”

The experience of driving a Morgan 3 Wheeler is incomparable by modern automotive standards. It features a tubular steel ‘space frame’ chassis, a hand crafted ash wood frame and aluminium body panels which ensure it remains lightweight.

Its centrepiece is a 1998cc S&S V-Twin engine which helps to propel the 3 Wheeler from 0-62 in 6 Seconds. A conventional 5-Speed transmission enables an easy ‘get in and drive’ experience, ensuring the model is more accessible than the original examples. Weighing just over 500kg, the lightweight 3 Wheeler is agile and nimble.

82 bhp @ 5250rpm


6.0 seconds

Acceleration 0 – 62 mph

S&S 1998cc V-twin


525 kg

Dry Weight


In keeping with Morgan’s principles of lightweight coach building, the 3 Wheeler features an entirely hand crafted aluminium body coach built over a wooden frame structure made from ash. Manufactured at Morgan’s Pickersleigh Road production facility, the body is styled to evoke the same design features of the original 1920’s vehicles, whilst being correctly proportioned to sit atop the tubular steel chassis and running gear.


Allow Morgan’s most exhilarating model to spark your imagination and choose a paint colour from our newly introduced ranges. Chosen by Morgan’s Design Team, each colour has been selected to provide a varied choice, including some personal favourites that have featured during more than 110 years of production. The Morgan Sport Range, the Morgan Classic Range and the Morgan Metallic Range of paints offer each owner the ability to fully personalise their new Morgan.


The Morgan 3 Wheeler’s cockpit is compact yet tactile. Your senses are ignited by the varied sounds, smells and textures. Quilted stitch leather seats enhance the look and feel of the 3 Wheeler’s seats.?Equally at home amongst the biking fraternity as it is amongst car enthusiasts, the Morgan 3 Wheeler can draw many similarities to a motorcycle. The engine, the distinctive sound, smell and sensation, all evoke the feeling similar to a motorcycle, as well as the exposure to the elements whilst enjoying the open road.


Lift the safety catch of the ‘bomb release’ starter button, hear the twin-cylinders roar.? Drive away, whether you turn left or right isn’t important.? The journey, not the destination matters, and every journey in a Morgan 3 Wheeler is an unforgettable adventure.


  • 110 Anniversary Bonnet Badges
  • Any colour from the Morgan Sport or Classic Range
  • Body Coloured Engine Cowl
  • Mohair Tonneau
  • Black Roll Hoops
  • Black Exhaust Heat Shields
  • Quilted Leather Stitching
  • Leather Storage Pockets
  • Centre Split Seats

*No Cost Option promotions are now only available on qualifying vehicles.? Consult your Morgan Dealer for more information.

Celebrating a Milestone

‘The Morgan 3 Wheeler is entrenched in British motoring heritage. Albert Ball VC was a highly commended and decorated English fighter pilot during the First World War. As an original Morgan Three Wheeler owner, Ball famously surmised that driving his Morgan was the closest experience to flying without leaving the ground. The Morgan 3 Wheeler of today has lost none of the character of its original counterpart, and we like to think that the late, great Albert Ball would be as exhilarated in our latest model as he was with his own, all those years ago.


An endless combination of specification options are available when tailoring your new Morgan. With each new Morgan that is hand crafted, prospective new owners have the ability to choose a combination of colourways and accessories that create a true ‘one off’ Morgan. From the extensive paint and leather colours, through to the final finishing details that distinguish your Morgan, each of our models are as individual as the owners. Tailor a Morgan to your own specification below.

Technical Specification


  • Engine S&S 1998cc V twin
  • Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed
  • Max Power 82 bhp @ 5250rpm
  • Max Torque 140Nm @ 3250rpm
  • Performance 0 – 62 6 seconds
  • Top Speed 115mph (185kph)
  • Combined MPG 30.3 mpg (9.3 litres / 100km)
  • Combined Co2 215g / km
  • Dry weight 525kg
  • List price Contact your local Dealer for availability


  • Engine S&S 1998cc V twin
  • Gearbox Mazda 5 Speed
  • Max Power 68 bhp @ 5200rpm
  • Max Torque 129Nm @ 2500rpm
  • Performance 0 – 62 7 seconds
  • Top Speed 115mph (185kph)
  • Combined MPG 34.9 mpg (8.1 litres / 100km)
  • Combined Co2 187g / km
  • Dry weight 585kg
  • List price Contact your local Dealer for availability

* Terms and Conditions apply, click here to view full details.



Prices and special offers are subject to change. Please contact your local dealer for more information or to receive an accurate quote.







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